• Company Overview

    With over a decade of working experience in the Machine Shop Industry, MrAbdul Hafeed Alkhunaizi, the founder,recognized the need for a defendable, high quality andcustomer  centered, industrial machine service provider. Responding to thisneed, he established Truos Industrial Services Company in Jan 15, 2000.

    Today Truos Industrial Services is a fast growing full service Machine Factorywith branches located in Turkya, Dammam, and Qatif,TRUOS has been providingthe highest quality of services through Machining, Fabrication, Engine Rebuilding,all Steel metal forming, Tool & die making, parts manufacturing, custom & heavyduty gear making, Welding and Mechanical Maintenance Services to Electronics,Glass, Plastic manufacturing, Petrochemical, Transportation, Earth Moving, Oiland Gas Industries. All backed by a dedication to high quality workmanship and Customer Satisfaction.

    Our Success story over the years can be attributed to the partnership we have developedwith our clientsby not merely offering them immediate short-term repairs but long-term machine maintenance solutions. A Partnership that requires us to be  at syncwith our clients’ ever growing needs so we can provide them end-to-end solutionsto their most stringent maintenance requirements thus eliminating the hassle ofmoving products or jobs fromone shopto the next. A proven approach for enhancingproductivity, saves production time and assures consistent quality.

    At TRUOS, we guarantee to provide technical expertise and the facilities that allowsus to fix, fabricate, Weld, Repair, Machine whatever the projects’ complexity or size.Because we believe that our primary goal is to keep our number one asset- our custom in full operation, by supplying them the services they need, on time, right at the first time, and at a competitive cost.       

    Truos Industrial Services is a metal component manufacturing workshop that provides machining and fabrication services to industrial customers in the Eastern Province. Truos performs fabrication and machining of metal spare parts. Their main products are specialized gears, cylindrical axles, flanges and engines.

  • About the Founder

    Abdulhafeez Al-Khunaizi studied mechanical engineering in university. After graduation he continued his studies in the U.S., London, Germany and Japan, focusing on the study of Iron and aluminum. He was impressed by the versatility of these elements and the things that could be made out of them. He began to think about ways to make a business out of these metals in Saudi Arabia because too many such components were being imported from other countries. He chose to start a machining business because it produces products that are widely consumed by many other industries and businesses; everything from the transportation industry to agriculture to shipping.

    A part of his business is focused on environmentally friendly activities such as taking scrap metal and recycling it into new components. Al-Khunaizi sees his business as benefitting the economy because it provides products that are produced locally to the same specifications as those that are available through import. Because his products are produced locally customers get a product that is both cost effective and with a more reliable supply chain. His business is also helping with the Kingdom’s employment challenges by providing valuable jobs.

    Looking towards the future Al-Khunaizi plans to expand his industrial services offerings. He plans to increase the types of products he produces, reducing the Kingdom’s reliance on imports. Wa’ed provided the capital investment for the purchase of equipment for a new metal workshop enabling him to significantly increase his production and better serve the demand for machined products in the Kingdom