• Machine Services

    Whether Boring , Drilling , Taping, Milling (universal and radial), Turning or Grinding(cylinder or surface)- TRUOS provides manufacturing and repair services to countless industries. With all sizes of machinery including our large diameter and length capabilities in our medium to large lathes, vertical turret lathes, vertical boring, surface grinders and mills, we are set to handle even the most challenging machining projects. Our machinists backed by more than a decade of service and experience are very well qualified to effectively deliver guaranteed machining solutions to even the most complex job requirements.

    Common types of parts we machine

    Mfg Shafting: pumps, turbines, gearboxes, Motor,
    Drives, piston rods, blowers, impellers, agitators
      Rings/ Bushings:
    Wear rings, Case Rings, Valve Seats, Bushing, Sleeves
      Housing and Case Work:
    Recondition: Re-Face, Skim, True Up, Bore, Resize
    Multi-Stage pump, Compressor cases and flanges
      Gears (Spiral, Helical, Spur,
    Custom Gear cutting and rebuilding
      Sprockets, Pulleys:
    Gear cutting Re-Face, Skim, True Up, Build Up, Bore,
    Resize, Key ways, grooves.
      Tool & Dies , Jigs & Fixtures
  • Fabrications

    Fast, Reliable, Turn around Support for Petrochemical Plants, Power Plantsand other industries. From tanks, steel structures, cabinets, conveyors,pressurized piping, housing to the most complex mechanical components.

    We have got you covered. All our machinist & welders are experts at set-up and pre-planning to make your jobs move quickly, and efficiently. We havethe ability to work Carbon Steel, Cast Iron, Special Steels, Stainless Steeland all types of Alloy Steels in almost any position and customer applications.

    Common Types of Parts we Fabricate

      Stainless Cabinets / Stands / Machinery Bases
      Mechanical Components or Powertrains
      Structural Work / Storage Tanks
      Process Piping / Pipe Spools
      Thermal Process Equipment
      Housings / Hoppers / Covers
      Pressure / Storage Vessels
      Custom Conveyors
      Heat Exchangers

    We develop partnership with our clients by not just offering them short-term repairs but providing them longterm maintenance solutions..

  • Mechanical Components & Equipment Repair

    Fast, Reliable, Turnaround Support for Refineries, Power Plants and other industries. Truos is proven in the field of repairing all types of equipment including pumps, valves, gearboxes, turbines, Engine blocks , cylinder heads ,blowers, compressors, and conveyors. With field and shop personnel available around the clock to handle your emergency repair needs we can quickly turn around your equipment and reduce your companies costly downtime. We do so also by stocking and manufacturing many parts onsite so that time is not lost waiting for parts. our field crews play a part in maintaining and overhauling equipment.

      Equipment Overhauls and Modifications
      Dismantling, Press, Assembly and Installation Services
      lndustrial & Automotive Engine Rebuilding
      Sleeving, Cold weld, Crack repair , Buildup Re-standard
      Straightening or alignment services

    Types of Equipment Commonly Repaired:

    Turbines — Gas and Steam Valves/ Damper Valves/ High Pressure,
    Compressors - Gas and Air Metal seated Ball Valves
    Pumps — All Sizes and Types Engine Blocks / Cylinder Head
    Heat Exchangers Crankshafts & Caps
    Blowers / Fans Connecting Rods
    Gear Boxes Housings
  • Consumables & Parts Manufacturing

    Special Steels / Aluminum / Brass / Bronze / Zirconium / Engineering Plastic Etc.

    We have the technical expertise and facilities to provide short or long term manufacturing service.

  • Communications & IT Solutions

    Our team has been providing turnkey project management services to its clients in its 5 years of existence. This kind of service is best for clients that have time- and resource-intensive projects due to its tremendous advantage as it eliminates the need for the client to manage the project and it preserves the company's time and resources for its business. One Commerce assumes full responsibility for the project which gives the client much greater visibility into the project process compared to projects that have multiple subcontractors.

    Though full responsibility was assumed by Truos, turnkey projects still require the cooperation of the project owner. This includes providing clear performance specifications, enumeration of detailed scope of work, identification of project duration, among others. We responsibilities covers: Project Planning and Management, Site Survey Network Design, Equipment installation and commissioning, Equipment integration, Testing and Troubleshooting.

    Technical Experience orlob experience executed by our experts:

      Communication designing & implementation with OTN systems and IES scalance for Saudi Aramco for projects with SRO & SWCC.
      OTN engineer maintaining hotline service with customers all over Saudi Arabia and coordinating with OTN and R&D department from Belgium to resolve all dissatisfaction reports.
      Managed to supervised the commissioning and installation activities of OTN Mulitplexes at Khuff Gas Projects, Shayba Projects, SWCC pipeline projects, and SRO Projects.
      Supervision and commissioning of OTN mulitplexes and provide communication solutions for piplines well sites and offshore platforms all over Saudi Arabia.
  • List of Machines

    Horizontal Boring Machine (small) Engine Rebuilding Machinery
    Horizontal Boring Machines(Big) Crankshaft Grinder
    Cylinder Grinder Machines Cylinder Boring Machines
    Planner Machines Cylinder Honing Machines
    Lathe Machines 4m. Align Boring Machine
    Lathe Machines 6m Conrad Arm Resizer
    Lathe Machines 8m Surface Grinder
    Surface Grinder 1m+2.5m Universal Drill Press
    Shaper (small) Valves Grinding Machines
    Milling Machine Hydraulic Leak Tester
    Radial Drill (small) Hydraulic Press 200 Tons
    Radial Drill (Big)
    NC Universal Milling Machine Metal Forming, Sheet Metal, Fabrication Machinery
    Dynamic Balancing Machine Heavy Duty Sheet Roller
    Power Hacsaw Heavy Duty Sheet Bending
    Vertical Slotting Machine (Big) Shearing Machines
    Vertical Slotting Machine (small) MIG, TIG, Spray Welding
    Aluminum, Babbitt or Bronze Overlays